Logistic Services

NUOVA TRANSPORTS is fully committed to delivering work of the highest quality to our customers with truly competitive advantages. We offer transportation/distribution, storage and pick up.

Our export staff facilitate the efficient management from the pick-up to the delivery step by step in order to satisfy customer needs.


Our warehouse is equipped with anti-intrusion security system; the video surveillance is always active and, in the event of an alarm, the security/vigilance service can immediately take action.

Refrigeration rooms

Our refrigeration rooms are made according to the most modern and advanced techniques in order to obtain and preserve constantly low temperatures. Furthermore, competent technicians look directly after the correct functioning of the refrigeration rooms. Our operations teams are empowered to resolve any challenges that arise, ensuring efficient management of energy, labor and other variables.

Loading and unloading operations are made under cover, using appropriate equipment.

Our cold storage rooms/refrigeration rooms are fitted out with safety devices sending warnings immediately if the temperature rises.