Transport by land


Thanks to a consolidated and efficient network of international forwarding agents, we guarantee an impeccable groupage service, full and partial loads door to door, paying a lot of attention to monitoring and satisfying the needs of the customers.

We are happy to offer a service with daily departures for and from the major cities thanks to our current agents located in the leading European countries, which complements ‘just-in-time’ requirements.

Our commercial team is completely dedicated to a thorough analysis of our customers’ requests in terms of destination, type of goods, delivery terms, budget etc. We are committed to offering our customers the products, solutions and services they need at the best price possible carrying out those services with the utmost transparency, respect for the commitments and compliance.


Having an efficient network of major carriers linking our branches in Piemonte, Lombardia and Marche, and being a member of a national network covering all the territory, we are able to offer a daily pick-up and delivery service – which also speeds up our international traffic.

Special Services


NUOVA TRANSPORTS is able to offer transport services adapting/combining the way to transport (land-sea, land-railway) carrying all sorts of goods with the guarantee of a quality service and timely delivery.


To meet the needs of urgent transport we assure a perfectly tailored and efficient service using dedicated means of transport to carry both small packages and bulky goods.

Furthermore, we offer a Courier service, which allows us to deliver small parcels as well as consignements with a weight of 500 kilos maximum all around the world in the shortest time possible with a track&trace service available. Our state-of-the-art information systems ensures full control and visibility over all operations.

Dangerous Goods

Our company is specialized in and authorized to transport goods classified as dangerous by ADR law: essential oils, inflammable materials, both liquid and solid; toxic and corrosive materials; repellents, organic peroxides etc.

Our staff gets constantly updated on the norms in use – through courses taking place right in the company and conducted by specialists. Regarding the drivers, all of them have an ADR licence.

All our drivers and those hired by our partners have a Professional ADR certificate issued after a specific course and exam regarding different topics in terms of dangerous goods.

Taking place every 2 years, this exam permits the driver to receive a certificate allowing transportation of dangerous goods of different types, excluding radioactive materials ( class n. 7), explosives (class n. 1) and gas (class n. 2).

The trucks used for these purpose are equiped following the laws: our warehouse staff is well prepared to load these goods in order to protect the rest of the consignements.

Abnormal Loads

A dedicated department of Nuova Transports takes care of organizing and managing bulky and heavy goods with a maximum level of prudence. They include: all kinds of machinery; turbines; factory equipment, just to name a few.